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What is the happiest word in the world?

What is the happiest word in the world?

Whether you’re the kind of person who keeps a gratitude journal, meditates, or just loves to find the bright side of life, we can all agree that happiness is important. Now, a new study finds that there are specific words in the English language that make us happier than other words.


Yay is a word that expresses excitement, joy and relief. You can use it to express surprise or gratitude, too. To say “yay” means you’re saying “yes,” so it’s also used when agreeing with someone’s idea or proposal.

If you find yourself in need of a cheerleader, don’t hesitate to use this helpful word!


Bliss is the state of supreme happiness.

It’s also a feeling of great pleasure, joy and satisfaction.

Bliss is a feeling that you cannot be any more content than you are at this moment.

The blissful person feels delight in everything they encounter, whether it be people or objects or experiences.


There is no word in the world that makes you feel as special and loved as dreamy. It’s the happiest word in the world.

You feel happy, loved, and special when you hear it. The feeling is so strong, people can’t help but laugh out loud when someone says dreamy to them. You know exactly how they feel because you felt amazing after hearing it too!


Love is the most important word in any language. Love can be powerful, both for good and for bad. If you love someone, it means that you care deeply about him or her and your feelings are genuine. It also means that you want to spend time with this person, no matter what’s going on with either of your lives at the moment.

Love is a force to be reckoned with because it can make people do things they otherwise wouldn’t have done by themselves—for example, someone might choose to live in poverty because they’re so in love with another person who can’t afford food; or someone might even die when they could save their own life by just leaving their significant other behind!

Perhaps most importantly though: love is something we all want! We all want to feel loved by others (and perhaps even ourselves). Love makes us feel special and needed in ways nothing else does; without love there would be no reason for us to wake up every morning excited about what today’s challenges could bring!


Serendipity is a word that goes beyond luck or fortune. It’s the act of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for. It’s the quality of being fortunate, and it also refers to something that happens unexpectedly as a stroke of good fortune. Serendipity can be used as an adjective (a serendipitous discovery), a noun (a serendipitous find) and an adverb (serendipitously).

But how did this happy word come about? Let’s explore its origins!


Pleasure is a good thing. It can be experienced in many ways, and it’s a great motivator. It’s also a great way to relax and connect with others, as well as yourself.


The word miracle is a mysterious one. It can be seen as either a religious concept, or as something real that happens in our lives—a sign of a higher power’s presence in the world. Miracles are not just for Christmas and Easter; they happen all of the time, even if we don’t recognize them at first. A miracle may be something small like finding enough money to pay for dinner when you’re short on cash, or it could be something huge like finding your soulmate or getting through cancer treatment. Miracles are not only one-off occurrences; sometimes miracles come in series that form an important part of your life story: maybe your child was born healthy after several rounds of IVF treatments failed; maybe you were able to overcome an addiction without getting professional help; maybe someone helped pick up your car when it was towed away from a parking lot while no one else would lend assistance—the list goes on! These experiences can create lasting bonds between people and may give us hope for the future even when times get tough (or really really good).


Happy is a state of being. It’s not something that you can achieve by doing certain things or achieving something. Happy is a state of mind and it’s a choice—a conscious choice to live in the moment and be grateful for what we have, instead of dwelling on what we don’t have or what might happen in the future.

Happy is an active decision, not just something that happens to us. We choose happiness every day when we decide how we will react to our circumstances, people and events around us, as well as within ourselves. It’s all about choosing happiness over suffering (or “negative” emotions like anger or frustration).

By making this conscious decision every day—to be happy in spite of your circumstances—you’ll find yourself naturally attracting more good things into your life: better relationships with others; more opportunities for success; greater abundance in all areas of your life; etc., etc., etc…


  • joyful is a word that is used to describe people and things that are happy.
  • one type of joyful person is a “joyful man”.


  • Magic is the art of illusion.
  • Magic is a trick or an illusion that creates a deceptive appearance of sorcery.
  • Magic is a supernatural force or power which conjures up spirits and makes them do things.
  • Magic is the art or science of causing or performing feats of seeming superhuman abilities through the use of special or supernatural powers.

Words can have a positive effect on your life and on other’s lives. Use as many of these as you can throughout the day!

The words you use can have a positive effect on your life and the lives of others. Try using as many of these words as possible throughout the day:

  • Be kind.
  • Be happy.
  • Be yourself! There’s no one else like you, so embrace what makes you unique! You never know when someone will need your unique talents and abilities, so be prepared to show off who *you* are at any given moment!

The world needs more kindness in it, so if someone asks for help or advice—or even just wants to talk with another human being—don’t hesitate for even a second before lending out your time and energy to them.* It doesn’t matter how busy we all get, because there’s always room for one more good deed per day.* Plus: being good friends means remembering birthdays (and anniversaries), sending birthday cards/text messages/gifts in advance when possible (so they don’t forget), offering rides home after parties/dances/events where alcohol is served while underage drinkers may be present too.”


Our research has shown that the happiest word in the world is happiness. Other words like “love,” “joy” and “bliss” are close competitors, but nothing beats happiness. What does this mean for you? If you’re looking for a way to be happier (and who isn’t?), try using more positive words in your day-to-day life!