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How Amazon is controlling ecommerce business?

How Amazon is controlling ecommerce business?

Amazon is currently the largest ecommerce company in the entire world and it has been that way for a long time. The company has grown since its inception and continues to improve its platform to fit the needs of consumers and sellers alike. The growth of Amazon is a huge part of how we shop today, as many people prefer shopping online rather than going to a physical store. In this article, we will go over some of the reasons why Amazon has such a high customer retention rate.

Amazon has a high customer retention rate.

With the increasing competition in ecommerce businesses, a high customer retention rate is the key to success. Amazon uses many strategies to retain customers. First, Amazon offers a large product selection and free shipping. This allows shoppers to choose from millions of items and receive them quickly at no additional cost. Second, Amazon provides customer service that is second to none with live chat and phone support available 24/7 every day of the year for questions about orders or returns. Thirdly, if you have an account on Amazon then you can easily access your order history so it’s easy to find something you bought before or need again without needing help from someone else who may not know what exactly you had previously ordered. Finally, once you begin browsing through products at amazon there will be recommendations made based off what other users have purchased along with reviews written by other shoppers before they made their purchase decision which makes purchasing easier than ever before!

Amazon offers free shipping and it makes the customers use their app.

The free shipping offer is also an incentive for users to make more purchases from Amazon.com, as they no longer have to leave the app or website. The user base has increased by 20% since last year, which is a big deal for any company.

Free shipping and other perks like Prime membership have allowed Amazon to stay relevant in an ever-changing market, with other companies getting into the e-commerce business every day.

Amazon uses various ways to collect consumer data.

Amazon collects consumer data through its app, website, marketplace, cloud services and Kindle. Also it provides Echo to the users which stores their conversations and send them to Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service.

Amazon collects data from consumers in many ways:

  • Through their website
  • Through their app
  • Through Marketplace (sellers’ websites)

Amazon provides a large product selection.

Amazon provides a large product selection.

Amazon has a large number of products, which can be found in different categories. The company also offers a large selection of products in different sizes, brands and colors. For example, if you’re looking for an iPhone case for your new smartphone, you can find thousands of options on Amazon’s website.

Amazon offers price comparison feature to increase sales.

Amazon is a marketplace and not the seller.

So, when you are comparing prices with other sellers on Amazon.com, you will find that some products have a “Compare at” price while others have no such price listed. This can be confusing for customers who may wonder why one product costs less than another or why Amazon has not matched the price of an item they are looking to buy. The reason behind this discrepancy is simple: Amazon serves as a middleman between sellers and shoppers.

For example, say that I have an iPad 2 in mint condition and I choose to sell it on Craigslist for $100. When someone buys my iPad from me directly through Craigslist instead of through eBay (which would also be an option), there are no fees associated with me being able to sell it on Craigslist directly because there is no third party involved like eBay; thus enabling me to make more money off my sale versus selling through eBay where there would be fees taken out by both parties involved (iPad seller & eBay).

Amazon continues to invest in its online video streaming platform.

Amazon continues to invest in its online video streaming platform. It has been improving the quality of its video streaming service in order to continue leading the pack in this market segment. Amazon’s efforts are not just about making money on its own, but also about improving its customer service, which will help it keep customers for longer periods of time and win new ones as well.

Amazon offers Cloud-based services through AWS.

AWS is a cloud computing service that provides on-demand computing resources. Amazon launched the AWS subsidiary in 2006, and it’s since become the most profitable business unit of Amazon.

AWS enables companies to scale their businesses quickly and cost-effectively by providing them with computing power (e.g., servers), databases, storage space, content delivery network services, access to online application programming interfaces (APIs) and more from Amazon’s global network of data centers. All you need to do to access AWS is sign up for an account with Amazon, which will provide you with your own personalized dashboard where you can manage all your services from one place:

Amazon is an expert at logistics and operations management.

Amazon is an expert in logistics and operations management. For example, Amazon uses its own delivery service called Amazon Flex to deliver packages. It also uses Amazon Air to deliver packages. In addition, it uses other methods of delivery including using Amazon Go to deliver groceries and using Amazon Locker to deliver packages at city centers.

Amazon is one of leading players in the ecommerce industry and it continues with its strategy of dominating the market by improving its platform and expanding in new markets.

Amazon is one of the leading players in the ecommerce industry and it continues with its strategy of dominating the market by improving its platform and expanding in new markets. Amazon offers Cloud-based services through AWS (Amazon Web Services), a subsidiary that provides on-demand computing platforms to individuals, companies, and governments; and digital content through its Amazon Kindle brand to consumers, publishers, retailers.

Amazon Prime Video is online video streaming service from Amazon Studios which produce TV series, movies as well as original content for streaming video subscribers. The company also owns other popular products like Alexa smart speakers that dominate home devices segment by offering voice assistant capabilities such as surfing web pages or controlling smart home devices like thermostats etc., Fire tablets which are used for reading books/magazines/newspapers available on Amazon store while traveling etc., Fire TV stick which turns any TV into smart TV where you can stream your favorite shows from Netflix or Hulu Plus etc..


Amazon.com is the largest online retailer in the world and has set itself apart from its competitors by creating a unique value proposition that is highly appreciated by consumers. The company has shown strong commitment to expanding its reach into new markets, with an emphasis on developing economies such as India where e-commerce is just beginning to take off. As we see more and more companies move their operations online, Amazon will continue to be an integral part of this shift toward digital commerce.