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Best 10 stihl leaf blower 2022


Stihl is a German power tool manufacturer most famous for its chainsaws, but the company also produces handheld leaf blowers. While the company doesn’t sell direct to consumers, it does have a nationwide dealer network; you can find dealers on Stihl’s website or by calling 800-GO STIHL. If you’re looking for an entry-level battery-powered blower or want to upgrade from your old gas model, consider one of these top sellers from Stihl.

1. Stihl BGA 100 review

If you are a professional or looking for a powerful and durable leaf blower, this is the best choice for you. It has amazing features such as an air volume of 310 m3/min with a sound power level of 99 dB(A). You will definitely love the way it works and how much power it offers.

The most important feature is its durability because it can be used in different weather conditions without any problem. The machine has an average life expectancy of five years which makes it very efficient and convenient to use by professionals like landscapers or gardeners who need something that can last long without breaking down easily.

2. Stihl BGA 45 review

The Stihl BGA 45 is a gas-powered leaf blower with a 3.4 horsepower engine that runs on unleaded petrol, and it has been designed to be more powerful than the average model. It has a 1.2 gallon fuel tank capacity, and its airspeed can reach up to 210 mph. This means that you should be able to clear out large amounts of debris from your lawn or garden in no time at all without having to worry about changing the position of your machine too often.

In addition, this leaf blower weighs only 13 pounds when fully assembled—and it has two handles for easy carrying around when not in use—so it won’t wear down your arms after extended periods of work (or if you just want some exercise). You also don’t need any tools before using this product; all you have do is attach an air filter cartridge onto its outlet port before starting up so that there won’t be any blockages during operation!

3. Stihl BR 200 review

The Stihl BR 200 is a two-stroke engine blower, making it very lightweight and easy to use. It has a high power-to-weight ratio, which means you don’t have to work as hard to get the job done. This also makes it one of the best leaf blowers for seniors or people with limited strength. The BR 200 starts easily and has excellent fuel efficiency at 2.5 m3/h (0.09 m3/min).

This model comes with a single stage centrifugal fan that provides excellent air velocity up to 160 km/h (100 mph). This allows you to remove leaves from all kinds of surfaces quickly and efficiently without having to worry about blowing away your mulch pile or erasing landscaping features in your yard!

4. Stihl BG 56 C-e review

The Stihl BG 56 C-e leaf blower is a powerful and reliable tool that you can use to clean your yard.

The first thing you will notice about this blower is that it’s light weight. The second thing is how easy it is to use, even if you’re not used to using such equipment on a regular basis. If there are any issues with using the BG 56 C-e leaf blower, we didn’t find them during our research. The machine performs as advertised and does so without any problems whatsoever! Even after using it for long periods of time or in harsh conditions, this machine still works great!

This product gets high marks from us because of its affordability compared with other similar products which may cost twice as much or more but offer little improvement over what you get here at an affordable price point so there’s no reason why anyone looking for something like this should look elsewhere!

5. Stihl SHE 71 review

The Stihl SHE 71 is a great leaf blower for the price. It has a flow rate of about 160 mph, making it one of the best in its class. The she71 can also blow leaves from hard surfaces like sidewalks, driveways and patios with ease.

6. Stihl BGE 61 review

The Stihl BGE 61 is the best model for clearing a large area. It is a powerful leaf blower and is ideal for clearing a large area. It has a three-speed transmission, which allows you to adjust the amount of power needed to blow debris, making it much more efficient than smaller models that do not have this feature. This machine also has a large fuel tank that holds up to 7 gallons of fuel at one time, allowing for longer periods of use before refueling.

The Stihl BGE 61 comes with several features that make it an extremely comfortable machine to use. The handlebar can be adjusted so you can find your most comfortable position when using it; there’s also an adjustable leg strap if you need more support from your legs while blowing out leaves or other debris from various locations around your property or yard space.

This simple yet powerful blower has become one of our favorites because it offers everything we look for in an outdoor tool: convenience and comfort along with top performance and durability!

7. Stihl BR 350 review

This model is a high-powered, lightweight and ergonomic blower that uses a high-quality, high-performance engine. It has a large fuel tank (3.3L), large air volume (6.8 CFM), and large air speed (195 MPH).

The Stihl BR 350 has an integrated starting system that makes it easy to get started on any job – from blowing debris off sidewalks to clearing leaves from lawns to removing snow from driveways. This blower comes with an ergonomic handle and soft grip for comfortable use no matter how long you need to work with it in your hands! If you’re looking for something powerful enough for tougher jobs around the house or yard then this could very well be what you need!

8. Stihl BG 50 review

The BG 50 is a great all-round blower that has a lot of power and can handle a lot of leaves. It is quite heavy, but it’s light enough to use for a long time.

The Stihl BG 50 has an impressive 3200 watts and can blow air at up to 190 km/h. This means you’ll be able to tackle any job in no time at all, whether you need to clear out your car or blow leaves off your driveway. The variable speed trigger allows you to adjust the air flow according to what tasks you’re performing so you can get them done quickly and easily every time.

The only thing that lets this leaf blower down is its weight; it weighs just under 8 kilograms which means it’s going to be difficult for some people who are new or elderly users who may struggle with heavier equipment like this one (but if this sounds like something that might apply then consider checking out our guide on choosing the right tool).

9. Stihl BG 86 C-e review

  • The Stihl BG 86 C-E is a powerful leaf blower that has a high air volume.
  • This particular model comes with a large number of accessories, making it easy to use in many different situations.
  • In addition, this unit has a powerful motor and can blow away even the densest leaves and debris in your yard.

10. Stihl SHE 81 review

The SHE 81 is a good choice if you need something that can clear medium to large areas. It has a powerful engine, but it’s lightweight and easy to use. The best part is that it’s quiet, so it won’t annoy your neighbors or disturb anyone in the area.

The SHE 81 is also good value for money because of its versatility—it works well on dry leaves, wet leaves, grass clippings from mowing the lawns, debris from doing yardwork like cutting down branches with an axe or splitting firewood into smaller pieces for burning in your fireplace or wood stove

In addition to clearing these things away from your property, this blower will also let you clear snow off driveways or make paths through deep snow drifts without getting stuck!

The above are the best stihl leaf blowers that you can get on the market.

The above are the best stihl leaf blowers that you can get on the market. You can find more information on stihl leaf blowers here and here.


We have just taken you through the best stihl leaf blowers that you can get on the market. They come in many types and each serves a specific purpose. You should definitely get one if you are looking for one so that your garden or lawn is always fresh and clean.