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About Us

A Detailed Information About Me !

​Hey there, I’m Antu. I am the creator Behind unitedspec.com and a Blogging Strategist + Side Hustler. I created this blog in April, 2022 for sharing my all blogging knowledge with solution of ups and downs in a blogging business. The source of my knowledge is my 7 years of CSE career in Web design & Digital Marketing. Now I am heartily dedicated to help new Blogoprenuers, thrive their Online Business and Amplify Social media presence + Side hustle tips to earn some extra money to support their online Biz. My Mission through United Spec is to give you all tricks & tweaks to start your Blog, make it prosper to earn money & establish your Digital Empire. I also give Side Hustle tips for beginners to encourage them Make some extra money and support their initial Finances.

How & ​​​​Why I started United Spec?

I‘m 23 years old from Bangladesh and a graduate in Computer Science(B.E).After my degree, I struggled enough to get a job and I get it, but I left 3 jobs in this job hunting journey. The reason is, I lost myself in this desk job and feel boring and frustrated with the same type of work. And the payout was so less. I was not able to pay my Education loan and bear daily expenses. I heard about blogging from 10th standard but I have never tried it because of weak English. I always scared of writing and feel shy to write and speak in English. But in graduation, I have developed my speaking and writing skill. On Youtube, I saw lots of videos in which people share their income reports. I was amazed that how is that possible. Then I start searching about blogging and read lots of income reports from other blogger’s sites. It inspired me a lot and then I decide that I can also do it. But I had no idea how to start. So I read countless blogs about “How to Start Blogging” and watched lots of Youtube tutorials. I started my blogging journey but, It is so hard for me because the more I read more I get confused and overwhelmed. I had no one to help me and give me perfect information. I always wish that there should be some blog or platform where I can learn and everything about Blogging. Because of this struggle, United Spec was born.

United Spec Mission

I write posts about Blogging, Marketing, Social media, and Technology. It will always help you to learn about blogging and monetization techniques and you will be able to set up your online business. I write about tutorials as detailed as I can, showing step-by-step screenshots. Because the same thing I was searching for as a beginner but struggle to find. I don’t want you to be wasting time like me. As I continue to learn about blogging, I will continue to share with you my all knowledge and tips and give the best guidance in an easy way. Let’s Be Friends! We can be friends on Instagram, Facebook group, Twitter and Pinterest. Thanks to all my Lovely friends.